Rock To The Rock

Whom the Son Sets free is free indeed

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.  Name Wayne Granston and I am a recovered addict and I’m convinced that;” Those who the Lord set free is free indeed .” (John 8:36). Therefore I am “made free”.

For years while in my addiction to crack cocaine, I was jobless, homeless and in a hopeless state of mind, which led me to be incarcerated. During this period, I spent countless holidays and even birthdays behind bars. I have spent numerous nights on the streets, in shelters and even tried a few programs; however, I was not receiving the message.

To survive, I have eaten leftovers that people did not want and have even eaten food off the ground. I cried to the Lord and asked Him for help; He heard me and then I realized there was hope.

During that time in prison, trying to recover on my own seemed hopeless; however the last time I was incarcerated, in my despair, I cried out to the Lord and He spoke to my heart and told me to feed His people, not only with spiritual food but also with physical food. Since then, I have turned my life over to God, did what He asked of me and the manifestation was the birth of GranstonsGiving for “Physical Food” and The House of Restoration Worship Center for “Spiritual Food”.

I realized that God cared for me through my homelessness. He was at work in my life, by working through other people; and for that I’m truly grateful. God has taken me from “rock cocaine” to the “Rock of Jesus Christ”.  Therefore I now stand as a servant of the Lord, allowing Him to work in and through me to serve His people and to fulfill His greatest commandment; to love one another , John 15:12.

So, I pray that the resources on this Website will encourage you and help you to continue to live a “Made Free” Life.

God Bless
Pastor Wayne L. Granston

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